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Please have pets securred and away from the project work site during installation.
Flooring Materials

All materials needed to complete your project, including trim, transitions or grout, should be purchased and available at the work site. If these items are not available for the scheduled installation, additional charges may be applied for return trips.  If you have questions on proper materials needed for your project, please contact our team prior to installation.

Installation Prep

What to expect for install day & how to prepare for your project.
Wood Flooring Acclimation

Flooring products need to be in your home prior to installation for proper acclimation.  Any laminate or pre-finished hardwood will need a minimum of 48 hours, any solid hardwood for a minimum of 7 days and bamboo for a minimum of 14 days. Windows and doors must be closed throughout the acclimation process. The environment, including HVAC systems, must be controlled to industry recommended temperatures (60°F to 80°F) and relative humidity standards (30% to 50%) for at least 7 days prior to installation and throughout the life of your floor.

You will be responsible for obtaining as well as following the manufacturer guidelines for your project to ensure best performance of the product. The authorized contractor should complete a moisture test prior to installing wood flooring.
Site Access & Preparation

Start by creating a clear path to the project area for ease of access and removal of debris. Furniture, appliances, room furnishings, valuables and breakable items should be removed from both project path and the work site are. Electronic equipment should be disconnected and removed.